The mind is a powerful tool to use in whatever we desire to achieve or become in life. But then, the state and conditioning of the mind are even more critical issues we cannot take for granted as we aim for that ultimate goal. This book segment introduces the reader can best use the mind to hit the desired height


Tonia H. Pearson

Tonia H. Pearson grew up in the outskirts of Richmond, in the beautiful state of Virginia. She recently retired with over 21 years of distinguished military service. Tonia doubles as the Co-Founder & CEO of “Pearson4 Marketing Firm,” a full-service digital marketing and consultancy agency that seems to be redefining innovative digital marketing concepts for the better.

She speaks passionately about personal and business growth as a customer-focused expert who has created and continued to produce successful marketing strategies for business owners.

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Self-motivation is the most vital energy to thrive in life. So many individuals lose the zeal to live and attain their goals once they encounter rejection, especially from the people they love. It is one thing to love others, and it is another thing to love oneself. Unknown to most people, self-love is more important. You don’t and can’t give what you lack. This penultimate chapter looks at what self-love is and its benefits in living to the fullest…

Book Features

What We will learn from this great book

Be Consistent

With consistency being the first letter in the C.O.I.L.S acronym, the first chapter underscores what it means to be consistent and how humans can generally be consistent in whatever endeavor they have chosen. 


Courage, they say, isn't the absence of fear but the presence of courage to walk through fear. On the whole, the second chapter dwells on the subject of courage, from what it means to other related aspects. 


Optimism, what it means to be positive-minded, and the effectiveness of the law of attraction as vital elements in self-motivation are discussed in this chapter.


This chapter dwells on how anyone can live as a conqueror. Living a triumphant life amidst all the hurdles and severe afflictions we constantly face requires that we have the overcomer's mindset, and that's what this chapter explains.


Integrity, they say, is the best social capital. This way, this segment of the book unravels how important value integrity is in our social interaction with other people with whom we occupy the universal space. 

Listen More

This chapter reveals another valuable attribute all success-craving humans must possess, as can be indicated from the title. It encourages the act of listening over being talkative, opinionated, and imposing.

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